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Foggy Campsite


Our Story

The Bushlite candle lantern is alive and kicking, lighting up the night sky whilst keeping those pesky insects at bay!

The roots of this innovative and original candle powered lighting device go back to Zimbabwe in the late nineties. It was developed to give the maximum burn time from half a standard size, shop bought candle.

The country at that stage had a healthy outdoors/camping fraternity and the Bushlite became a firm favourite used by the Zimbabweans in their National Parks and many wilderness areas that were - and are still so prevalent there.

In 2001 the product was launched and produced in South Africa. It became a regular feature at the many outdoor camping and adventure shows and a massive success in this market!

In 2012 the company was purchased by John and Annwen Morgan. Production is in full swing again and a new era for this African original has dawned. And now the Bushlite has come to Europe! With holidays abroad becoming more and more expensive, what better way to relax than to go camping in some of the beautiful scenery that covers Europe and the UK! Let the Bushlite guide your way at night and keep your campsite free of insects!

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